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We are an acknowledged multilateral trading facility (MTF) for interdealer off-exchange trading in fixed income securities and treasury discount papers. We take care that our participants can seize today’s opportunities of off-exchange cash trading.

Eurex Bonds is officially recognized as an eligible platform for Primary Dealers to fulfill their quoting obligations in the core markets: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

To guarantee sufficient liquidity, a number of market participants act voluntarily as Market Makers. Moreover, the German Finance Agency performs major parts of its secondary market operations via Eurex Bonds.

Expect more than trading


Being a member of Eurex Group, we can offer integrated

  • Trading
  • Clearing
  • Settlement
  • Market Data
  • Issuer Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting

for cash securities and derivatives on a single platform. With Eurex Clearing acting as a central counterparty between buyers and sellers we guarantee anonymity throughout the trading and settlement process, thus ensuring a stable market, protecting the participant’s performance and trading strategy, while minimizing counterparty risk.

In addition to centralized cross-border risk management, you benefit from a reduction in margin requirements thanks to the joint assessment of cash and derivative positions (cross margining). Participants also profit from using a single collateral pool covering all products traded on the Eurex platforms.

Client base

Currently, 32 participants are connected including the German Finance Agency.