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Specials - Basis and Break Even Instruments

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Basis instruments

While minimizing the risk aspects, the Eurex Exchange fixed income strategy also offers a unique link between cash and futures markets through basis trading. A basis trade is a combination of a securities leg and a futures leg, which is traded at a single price. Buying the basis involves the purchase of a certain amount of securities and the simultaneous sale of a corresponding number of futures contracts. The reverse combination is referred to as “selling the basis”.

Break Even instruments

There are special Break Even instruments, which guarantee automatic execution of both trading legs. These products are available for German and French inflation linkers and only available on our platform

Basis Instruments

Tradable are all German government bonds against their respective future contracts, which are deliverable for the next FGBS, FGBM and FGBL future contract.
Deliverable Italian government bonds can be traded against their FBTP future contract.

Basis Instruments

Break Even Instruments

Break Even trading is available for German and French inflation linkers.

Break Even Instruments