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Covered bonds

Covered Bonds

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European Covered Bonds

Selected European Covered Bonds of mortgage banks or of credit institutions (Mortgage Bonds) being denominated in EUR and other currencies are tradable on Eurex Bonds.

The following Covered Bonds are tradable on Eurex Bonds:

  • Austrian Hypotheken Pfandbrief
  • Austrian Öffentlicher Pfandbrief
  • Cédulas Hipotecarias
  • Danish Covered Bonds
  • Pfandbriefe
  • Obligacion Foncières
  • Obbligazioni Bancaire Garantite
  • U.K. Covered Bonds (denominated in EUR)

Click here to find out more about the European Covered Bond market: European Covered Bond Council

German Pfandbrief

Pfandbriefe are Covered Bonds which are issued on the basis of the German Pfandbrief Act.

Click here to find out more about the German Pfandbrief: vdp - Verband Deutscher Pfandbriefbanken

All European Covered Bonds and German Pfandbriefs must satisfy the following criteria

  • fixed-interest securities
  • minimum outstanding volume of EUR 500 million. In the case of a trading currency other than EUR, the required outstanding volume will be determined for the respective trading currency and announced by the Management Board of Eurex Bonds.
  • minimum rating of AA- by Standard & Poor´s or of Aa3 by Moody´s or an according rating by Fitch.