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We have kept it as easy as possible for you to get connected to our platform.  

Besides a FIX session based connection or WebTrading with certificate you can also connect to Eurex Bonds via VALUES API or ETS.

The servers on the participants’ side – so-called “Member Integration System Servers”, or simply “MISSes“– are linked via communications servers “Access Points” throughout Europe with central processing units in Frankfurt, with Sun Solaris or Microsoft Windows (Intel) being the supported hardware/software platforms. Additionally, connections via FIX, WebTrading or ETS are possible.

From the clearing point of view, members are connected as General Clearing Members (GCM), Direct Clearing Members (DCM) or Non-Clearing Members (NCM). GCM and DCM may use their settlement accounts in Clearstream Banking (Frankfurt and Luxembourg), Euroclear or in case of home market settlement for Danish products, in VP Securities A/S.

High-performance trading

To meet the demand for high-performance trading, Eurex Bonds offers the trading interface Enhanced Transaction Solution (ETS). It provides mainly the functionalities order maintenance and quote maintenance which are used by quotemachines or algorithmic trading engines. The Enhanced Transaction Solution does not require any Eurex Bonds software to be installed on the client’s side. It is accessed via the gateway.

High-frequency trading is governed by special regulations according to the German High Frequency Trading Act. The nessecary requirements are described in our rules and regulations.

High performance market data

Participants may also choose the Enhanced Broadcast Solution which is a high performance data feed through which the exchange enables the receipt of an extended range of market data in form of an un-netted chain of prices for the existing order book depth in real-time.

Safety on all levels

To increase protection against system failure, redundancy has been designed into all levels of the network based on the proven Xetra® technology. This addresses the individual requirements of the participants with respect to system availability and reach.


Technical access portfolio

You can choose from four different access possibilities, including WebTrading. In other words, the Eurex Bonds platform caters to the individual participant's requirements with regard to system availability and reach. At the same time, the performance-linked and transparent price and fee structure for Eurex Bonds trading provides for enhanced flexibility.

Platforms and configurations

Please find the documentation of the supported platforms on the Xetra website

Request for Quote

Eurex Bonds provides a Request for Quote (RfQ) and Request for Order (RfO) platform for negotiation of trades. RFQ provides a convenient and highly flexible functionality for traders to negotiate prices for trades and to execute them faster and more efficiently. It also takes the user experience to the newest technological standard by replacing the previous execution GUI.
The negotiation mechanism is available to all Eurex Bonds Participants.

For platform access, Eurex Bonds provides a user friendly web-based GUI as well as a FIX connectivity. Both interfaces are offered via internet and leased line.

All Eurex Bonds Participants who are using an in-house system are able to use the simulation environment for coding and testing purposes.

In order to get the connectivity, participants should contact Eurex Bonds Customer Support directly (tel. +49-69-211-1 12 22 or mail


If you need help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Member Section Team or enter the member section: Member portal at Deutsche Börse

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