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If you would like to start trading on Eurex Bonds, there are certain prerequisites.


Conditions to become a Eurex Bonds member

Participation in Eurex Bonds is available to banks (credit institutions) and financial service providers as defined in the Council Directive 2004/39/EG or to a company acting pursuant to KWG (German Banking Act).
Trading bonds and basis instruments requires participation in Eurex trading and the Eurex clearing process, as well as a technical connection to the Xetra® trading platform. No trader examination is required for admission.
We do not charge an admission fee. A single annual fee is charged for trading across all Eurex Bonds market segments.
Should your company not fall under MiFID regulation, an equity capital of EUR 50,000 is required.

Conditions to become a member with Eurex Clearing for Eurex Bonds transactions

Access to the Eurex clearing process can be obtained by becoming a General Clearing Member (GCM), a Direct Clearing Member (DCM) or a Non-Clearing Member (NCM) by entering into a clearing agreement with an already existing clearing participant.

Your company needs to be a financial institution located within the European Union or Switzerland authorized to operate custody business, credit operations and receive margin requirements from customers in the form of securities and cash.

The minimum liable equity capital is EUR 30 million for GCMs and EUR 7.5 million for DCMs. The minimum contribution to the Clearing Fund is EUR 5 million for GCMs and EUR 1 million for DCMs.

For settlement and pledging of securities a securities account at Clearstream Banking or Euroclear and a pledged securities account at Clearstream Banking AG will be necessary. For cash settlement an account at a branch of Deutsche Bundesbank is required.

In order to be granted a Eurex Bonds Clearing License every Clearing Member needs to have at least one Qualified  Clearing Staff (QCS). To be considered a QCS the completion of a basis module and Eurex Bonds market module is required.
The QCS has to be available during the market-specific business hours as defined by Eurex Clearing.

Technical prerequisites

Eurex Bonds participants who already have a technical connection to the Xetra® trading platform may use this connection for trading on Eurex Bonds with no extra charge.

Trading Members have the opportunity to connect to Eurex Bonds via a Multi-Member service provider.

If you do not have a Xetra® line, you have the alternative to either use VALUES API via leased lines, the Enhanced Transaction Solution with or without the Enhanced Broadcast Solution, a FIX trading session-based connection or webtrading using a certificate.

Our members have also the possibility to use Eurex Bonds via WebTrading in connection with a token/certificate.

All connection methods exist with different bandwidth options.


Download various forms required for your clearing and trading admission.


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