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About Us

About us

Eurex Bonds GmbH was founded in October 2000 as a joint initiative of Eurex Frankfurt AG and leading financial institutions. The organization is a private law joint venture and acknowledged as an MTF with the purpose of operating an electronic platform for bond and basis trading.

Liquidity, efficiency and transparency in executable markets

We are one of the leading interdealer OTC trading platforms in the core European government bond markets.

As a core partner of the German Finance Agency and a recognized eligible platform for Primary Dealers in the core markets Austria, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands we take pride in being a strong and reliable business partner, maintaining close contacts to the interdealer community with proven Xetra® technology and dedicated expertise.

Through Eurex Bonds, which is an acknowledged multilateral trading facility (MTF), the dealers can execute their trading strategy efficiently while reducing counterparty risk. Straight-through processing (STP) connectivity is the key element in electronic trading enabling the dealers to benefit from the fully integrated systems from front to back office. We support our participants in the whole process from entering and executing orders, trade confirmations, clearing and settlement of all trades.
As new regulations with increased capital requirements are coming into effect, not only speed and efficiency are crucial, but managing and lowering risk exposure has gained vast importance.
Our platform is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin in Germany. We actively participate in market and regulatory discussions with our participants and the authorities, thus ensuring that new and upcoming requirements are implemented into the best possible practices.


In addition to Eurex Frankfurt AG, the following financial institutions are the shareholders of Eurex Bonds GmbH:

  • Barclays Bank Plc.
  • BNP Paribas S.A.
  • Commerzbank AG
  • Credit Suisse AG
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Ventures Inc.
  • Portigon AG
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.
  • UniCredit Bank AG


Information on staff remuneration in accordance with the InstitutsVergV

Eurex Bonds GmbH fulfils its disclosure obligations in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Until and including 2013, the disclosure requirements on remuneration according to the Ordinance on the Supervisory Requirements for Institutions‘ Remuneration Systems (German: Instituts-Vergütungsverordnung – InstitutsVergV; in the version of 6th October 2010) are published and can be found enclosed.

As of 1 January 2014, disclosure requirements on remuneration according to the Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (commonly known as “Capital Requirement Regulation” or “CRR”) in conjunction with the Ordinance on the Supervisory Requirements for Institutions‘ Remuneration Systems (German: Instituts-Vergütungsverordnung – InstitutsVergV; in the version of 16th December 2013) do not apply.

Therefore, Eurex Bonds GmbH reserves to publish information on its remuneration systems on a voluntarily basis.



Vergütungsinformationen gemäß InstitutsVergV

Eurex Bonds erfüllt ihre Offenlegungspflicht entsprechend der regulatorischen Anforderungen.

Bis einschließlich 2013 erfolgt die Veröffentlichung von Vergütungsinformationen gemäß der Instituts-Vergütungsverordnung ("InstitutsVergV"; in der Version vom 6. Oktober 2010).

Ab dem 1. Januar 2014 finden die Anforderungen an die Offenlegung von Vergütung gemäß der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 575/2013 (allgemein bekannt als "Capital Requirements Regulation" bzw. "CRR") in Verbindung mit der Instituts-Vergütungsverordnung (InstitutsVergV vom 16. Dezember 2013) keine Anwendung. Die Eurex Bonds behält sich vor, Vergütungsinformationen auf freiwilliger Basis zu veröffentlichen.



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